Happy Kati Bihu 2022

The auspicious harvest festival of Kati Bihu

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India is land of diversity and cultures. With numerous festivals celebrated across the country. India is one of the most religiously diverse nations of the world with each individual free to follow his own rites and beliefs

The auspicious harvest festival of Kati Bihu is observed on the first day of the Kati month in the Assamese calendar. Kati Bihu is generally celebrated on mid-October, This year, it falls on October 18. The day celebrates both the beginning of the new harvest season and the shifting of the rice crop. It is also called as Kongali Bihu.


Kati Bihu has a different flavour as there is less merriment and the atmosphere has a sense of constraining and solemnity. During this time of the year, the paddy in the fields are in the growing stage and the granaries of the farmers are almost empty.

On this day, earthen lamps (Saki) are lit at the foot of the household Tulsi plant, the granary, the garden (Bari) and the paddy fields.

Though Kati Bihu is celebrated with much pomp across Assam, each tribe has their own interpretation and rituals.

It is rooted in the rural households’ deep ethos related to crops and their yield. It honours the service and penance of the people as they hope for a better future.

Assam women lightning earthen lamps during kati bihu festival

In ancient times, earthen lamps were lit all around the paddy fields to attract the insects, thus acting as a natural insectide. To protect the maturing paddy, cultivators whirl a piece of bamboo and recite rowa-khowa chants and spells to ward off pests and the evil eye.

This Bihu is also associated with the lighting of akaxi gonga or akaxbonti, lamps at the tip of a tall bamboo pole, to show the souls of the dead the way to heaven, a practice that is common to many communities in India, as well as Asia and Europe.

Kati Bihu Wishes, Greetings, Messages:
  • As we light the lamps outside our homes, here’s praying that your life is also lit up with new dreams and achievements. Happy Kati Bihu.
  • The Kati Bihu celebration is the time when we see an end to all the suffering and pain, and we celebrate and pray for a happier and more prosperous future filled with plenty of grains and free of hunger – Best wishes on Kati Bihu.
  • On the auspicious occasion of Kati Bihu, here’s wishing you a bright future full of love and luck. May all your dreams come true.
  • Let us all come together to celebrate and mark the festive season with love and joy, and let us commemorate this occurrence by celebrating the fresh harvest with all of our hearts and happiness.
  • It is time to put an end to all the suffering and pain, to celebrate the new harvest, to seek the god’s ultimate blessings, and to hope for a happy and prosperous future
  • Let us take advantage of this auspicious festival by honoring the land and crops that keep us fed throughout the year, and express our gratitude to the farmers who use the ultimate gift of the almighty so wisely – Kati Bihu, best wishes.
  • Let’s light the earthen lamp to mark this festival season with love and joy and to put an end to all the pain and suffering.
  • I hope for prosperity to fill up the farmers’ fields and your homes this time of the year. Wishing you an auspicious Kati Bihu.
  • Let’s strengthen our hopes on this Kati Bihu festival and move forward in life with an optimistic frame of mind. I wish you the best in your future. Happy Kati Bihu.
  • Warmest wishes on the auspicious occasion of Kati Bihu. May the auspicious festival fill your life with all positivity and witness a brighter and healthier future.


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